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"Rather than double the size of this column by trying my best to be pansexual and gender non-biased in my pronouns, let me ask my female readers' indulgence as I use male-oriented examples."

Genitorture, a.k.a CB&T
by Jack Rinella

SI sit at the computer feeling my dick beneath the terry cloth of my jogging pants, trying to figure out a title and opening paragraph for this week's column. If I start writing the words will flow. Like pissing in the morning, it's getting started that's difficult. After that things seem to take care of themselves.

The other reason to give myself a good feel is to help put my mind into this week's topic. Cock and ball torture is as much about two cocks as it is one. Sure all the attention is paid to the cock on the receiving end of the pain but the top's cock is meant to receive pleasure simultaneously.

Rather than double the size of this column by trying my best to be pansexual and gender non-biased in my pronouns, let me ask my female readers' indulgence as I use male-oriented examples. What's good for the cock is good for the labia. What a male can do to a penis, a female can do as well. Physical differences between the sexes make some actions that are suitable for one gender impossible with the other. You get my point, please translate as necessary to fit your preference and orientation.

That said, let me talk about my favorite toys: a stiff, bloated prick and two low hanging nuts. The variations in size and shape never fail to amaze me. One is long, thin, and pencil-like; another is short, tiny, even; still another has a long, flowing foreskin. Many, having undergone Portnoy's mother's revenge (also known as circumcision), show an exposed and vulnerable head, ready for pain or pleasure.

C&BT offers several venues in a leather scene. It is very useful as a means of control: "Grab them by the balls, and their minds and hearts will follow." It is a great way to establish ownership, to inflict pain, to excite both the top and the bottom. Many players find genital pain extremely arousing, the essence of the mystery in pain-for-pleasure activity: it hurts so good.

The basic action in all this is the creation of a polarity, a duality in our play. There are two cocks. One for pleasure, one for pain; one for gentle caresses, one for the infliction of rough abuse.

In addition to the obvious physical requirements present in C&BT I find that imagination goes a long way in making the activity robust.

Effective genitorture can include bondage in one of two forms, though they are certainly not mutually exclusive. Sometimes it is helpful, indeed necessary, to restrain the bottom so that the pain can be more easily administered. Tying your masochist spread eagle, either on a bed or to a cross, sawhorse, or wall are effective. I like to restrain the ankles apart and sit on the boy's face with his arms locked between my legs. This has the added advantage of allowing his hands the freedom needed to play with my tits and puts his mouth in very pleasurable proximity of my genitals and my anus.

Remember that the idea here is that I am going to find ways to maximize my pleasure while I heighten his surrender and his pain. Such is the dichotomy that I keep in mind. As a sadist there is a direction connection, for me. I derive pleasure by inflicting pain. I don't know why, but I do. Happily, and for just as mysterious a reason, my masochistic partner is my complement.

Our dungeon has what I call a bondage box. It's just the right size to restrain a playmate upright within its confines. It closes with a sliding door that has a glory hole so that my (male) victim's genitals are exposed to my attentive ministrations. Once incarcerated, the boy becomes nothing more than a cock and ball toy that I use for my pleasure. Properly shackled, gagged, and enclosed in heavy plywood, my slave can do nothing but receive what I choose to give him.

The next consideration is that of genital bondage. It may be something as simple as a cock ring or a short piece of rope around the base of the cock and the nuts or it may go so far as to be complete mummification of the apparatus under consideration. Ace bandages are excellent for this purpose. I often us a combination of rope, bandages, and toys such as parachutes, rings, stretchers, and ball separators.

I'm especially interested in tightening the skin of the ball sack so that it is taunt and shimmering. I also use bondage as a means to make either the dick head or the testicles more available. Sometimes I tie the dick so that it too is immobile. Lifting the nuts into the air with a rope tied to a hook above my toy is helpful as well.

It all depends on mood, availability and imagination.

Start the actual infliction of pain slowly and lightly. My favorite initiatory tool is a small, many-stranded flogger made out of lengths of silky-soft twine. Slight brushes give way to more intense hits which become rather powerful wallops. In any case a slow pace is essential. Give the masochist plenty of time for his body to build up his tolerance levels.

The list of available tools seems to be endless: crops, paddles, short whips, hands, clothespins, clips, etc. Especially fun are the small plastic floggers. In C&BT, small is very effective, though I certainly don't rule out a "mass attack" with larger implements. In this regard the bondage box isolates and protects the rest of the body.

After all, what we are doing here is directing our focus into a very specific and vital area. Experience shows that the balls can take more punishment than the cock, though in either case care should be taken to use only blunt instruments so as to avoid cuts and lacerations.

The cock is especially vulnerable to the formation of bleeding under the skin and the creation of black and blue marks. Under most circumstances these will disappear in a few days. In any case, though, moderation might be called for, especially if one of the limits is "no marks."

As I sit on my slave's face the pain I inflict arouses him intensely. I have never seen a prick get as hot as when it is being beaten.

I alternate pain with soothing touches and kisses. I lick the prick's pain away, moistening it with my saliva or his or my pre-cum. I blow on it gently, stroke it tenderly. I am getting it ready to receive more pain.

When I'm ready to end the scene, at least for the moment, I grab my favorite crop, mount his mouth and apply a stream of steady whacks to his nuts. I beat both our shafts: mine with tight strokes of pleasure, his with snappy hits of pain. It's not too long before my orgasm covers his chest with joy juice.

I roll off my partner and bask in the glow. I tell him to jerk off. His pain, too, is transformed into bliss. We rest until the stirrings in my crotch awaken me to more action.

Copyright 1999 by Jack Rinella. This material may not be copied in any manner. For permission to reproduce this essay, contact

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