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"It's a matter of sharing between two people."

Becoming a Slave

The Theory & Practice of Voluntary Servitude


Jack's Newest Book
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Whether you have a burning desire to become a slave, want to know more about finding and training one for your pleasure, or are just curious as to what this dominant/submissive thing is about, Jack Rinella's newest book, Becoming a Slave, will answer a myriad of questions with his usual down-to-earth wisdom. Based on more than twenty years of seeking, training, and owning a man in the state of "Voluntary Servitude" this book is as complete and authoritative as they get.


Becoming a Slave is a complete, authoritative, and well-documented book on the process of finding and submitting to a dominant. Beginning with a description of terms and the characteristics to be found in a master and in a slave, the book continues with how one realizes and understands their own desire to submit and serve, proceeds to the process of advertising, searching, meeting, and interviewing prospective masters, and ends with a great deal of practical advice on submitting, serving, and satisfying a dominant in a healthy and practical way.

The fourteen chapters are titled as follows:

A Complementary Relationship
The Call To Serve
Finding a Partner
Negotiating the Relationship
Committing Yourself
The Training Process
The Slave's Training
The Role of Punishment
The Small & Not-so-small Stuff
The Real Slave
Sexual Service
The Place of Kink
Polyamorous M/s
The Healthy D/s Relationship

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Becoming a Slave is based on my own experience of seeking a slave, of having been a slave for some five years, and of being Patrick's master for nearly ten years. I have also included the wisdom and practice of more than a dozen men and women active and experienced in mastery and slavery whom I interviewed for this book. Each chapter is concluded by a very valuable and personal reflection by my slave Patrick on his views and life as a submissive.

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